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Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska), Zagreb

About Me:
Physics teacher and a meteorite collector on a tight budget :) I can be contacted as dsvilko on google mail server.
MetBull IDImageMeteorite NameClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
67799 Aba PanuL3Nigeria 0.77g
57354 AgoudalIron, IIABMorocco 1.5g
69696 Aguas ZarcasCM2Costa Rica 0.34g
1308 Allan Hills A76001L6Antarctica micro
5136 BrenhamPallasite, PMG-anUnited States 2.9g
Part slice
5247 Campo del CieloIron, IAB-MGArgentina 4g
5257 Canyon DiabloIron, IAB-MGUnited States 70g
57165 ChelyabinskLL5Russia 0.7g
6706 Dhofar 007Eucrite-cmOman 1g
7714 D'OrbignyAngriteArgentina 81mg
7732 DroninoIron, ungroupedRussia 3.9g
10039 EnsisheimLL6France micro
72475 Erg Chech 002Achondrite-ungAlgeria micros
73791 Errachidia 004WinonaiteMorocco micro
10854 Gao-GuenieH5Burkina Faso 17.3g
10912 GibeonIron, IVANamibia 1.2g
11916 HraschinaIron, IIDCroatia 3mg
11916 HraschinaIron, IIDCroatia 3g
30726 IsheyevoCH/CBbRussia 0.5g
Part slice
12356 KrasnojarskPallasite, PMG-anRussia micro
12434 L'AigleL6France micro
16873 MuonionalustaIron, IVASweden 13.8g
Part slice
62419 Northwest Africa 10289CV3(Northwest Africa) 1.12g
Part slice
64963 Northwest Africa 10364Eucrite-unbr(Northwest Africa) 0.83g
Part slice
62600 Northwest Africa 10393CO3(Northwest Africa) 0.73g
Part slice
63195 Northwest Africa 10645Martian (nakhlite)(Northwest Africa) 48mg
65309 Northwest Africa 11220Martian (polymict breccia)(Northwest Africa) micro
65393 Northwest Africa 11234LL3(Northwest Africa) 1.2g
Part slice
65527 Northwest Africa 11263R3Morocco 0.76g
66064 Northwest Africa 11273Lunar (feldsp. breccia)(Northwest Africa) 0.34g
65790 Northwest Africa 11345CM2(Northwest Africa) 0.2g
66194 Northwest Africa 11490Howardite(Northwest Africa) 0.67g
Part slice
66260 Northwest Africa 11533CV3(Northwest Africa) 0.74g
66262 Northwest Africa 11536CO3(Northwest Africa) 1g
Part slice
66268 Northwest Africa 11545CV3(Northwest Africa) 1.15g
Part slice
66415 Northwest Africa 11576Eucrite-melt breccia(Northwest Africa) 1.8g
70465 Northwest Africa 12815CM2(Northwest Africa)  
70513 Northwest Africa 12858R3(Northwest Africa) 1.49g
71141 Northwest Africa 13135UreiliteMorocco 0.5g
71191 Northwest Africa 13149Eucrite(Northwest Africa) 0.55g
71682 Northwest Africa 13239Ureilite(Northwest Africa) 0.2g
72532 Northwest Africa 13400C3-ung(Northwest Africa) 20mg
72542 Northwest Africa 13408Lunar (feldsp. breccia)Algeria micro
72663 Northwest Africa 13446Achondrite-ungAlgeria 0.86g
74135 Northwest Africa 13916Lunar (frag. breccia)Algeria 1.9g
32487 Northwest Africa 2737Martian (chassignite)Morocco micro
45768 Northwest Africa 4844EL-melt rock(Northwest Africa) 1.8g
45986 Northwest Africa 5000LunarMorocco 0.45g
Part slice
47712 Northwest Africa 5400Achondrite-ung(Northwest Africa) 0.7g
Part slice
54565 Northwest Africa 6963Martian (shergottite)Morocco 70mg
Part slice
57282 Northwest Africa 7831Diogenite(Northwest Africa) 1.5g
57282 Northwest Africa 7831Diogenite(Northwest Africa) 12x8x2mm
58470 Northwest Africa 8159Martian (augite basalt)Morocco ~5mg
61081 Northwest Africa 8599Lunar(Northwest Africa) 20mg
31890 Northwest Africa 869L3-6(Northwest Africa) 8.8g
61397 Northwest Africa 8784L3(Northwest Africa) 1.23g
Part slice
17922 Norton CountyAubriteUnited States 0:19g + micros
18026 OrgueilCI1France micro
67709 OzerkiL6Russia 3.14g
23593 Sikhote-AlinIron, IIABRussia 6.9g
Oriented stone
23782 Tagish LakeC2-ungCanada 25mg
72644 TardaC2-ungMorocco 57mg
23884 TatahouineDiogeniteTunisia 0.7g
23911 Thiel MountainsPallasite, PMGAntarctica micro
72357 Tisserlitine 001Lunar (feldsp. breccia)Mali 0.15g
71653 Toconao 001LL3Chile  
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