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All of the specimens and photographs posted into the Encyclopedia under the name - UTMC are from the University of Texas meteorite collection (UTMC) at the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin. The specimens were photographed by Russ Finney.
MetBull IDImageMeteorite NameClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
2278 AllendeCV3Mexico Individual
5087 Bluff (a)L5United States Individual
5303 Cedar (Texas)H4United States Individual
5417 ConchoL6United States Individual
6662 DeportIron, IAB-sLLUnited States Endcut
12275 KendletonL4United States Individual
12311 Kimble CountyH6United States Individual
12311 Kimble CountyH6United States Slice
17985 Odessa (iron)Iron, IAB-MGUnited States Individual
17985 Odessa (iron)Iron, IAB-MGUnited States Endcut
18066 OzonaH6United States Individual
18786 Peña Blanca SpringAubriteUnited States Individual
18841 Plainview (1917)H5United States Individual
23117 San AngeloIron, IIIABUnited States Slice
24066 Tulia (a)H3-4United States Individual
24257 Wichita CountyIron, IAB-MGUnited States Individual
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