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All of the specimens and photographs posted into the Encyclopedia under the name - RNWM are from the Rice NW Museum of Rocks & Minerals in Hillsboro, Oregon. The specimens were photographed by Russ Finney.
MetBull IDImageMeteorite NameClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
5247 Campo del CieloIron, IAB-MGArgentina Individual
5247 Campo del CieloIron, IAB-MGArgentina Individual
7732 DroninoIron, ungroupedRussia Individual
10912 GibeonIron, IVANamibia Individual
10912 GibeonIron, IVANamibia Slice
12267 KaufmanL5United States Slice
16643 MillbillillieEucrite-mmictAustralia Slice
33415 Northwest Africa 2965EL-melt rock(Northwest Africa) Endcut
23510 SeymchanPallasite, PMGRussia Part slice
23593 Sikhote-AlinIron, IIABRussia Individual
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