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Born in 1976, I was a 7 years old child fell in the astronoy. I acquire my first "meteorite" at age of 16. It was in fact a simple indochinite... But this stone was wonderfull, it comes from,space, a real alien !! :-) That was my idea at this moment. Since 20 years ago, I collect meteorites from various origines, I teach about them in school, in astro clubs,... I purchase it, trade another, find others... Some "life finding" increases more and more the passion; as the discovery of the third largest european meteorite, 435 Kg in north of France; or recently a little meteorite forgot in Belgian school for many years. Others desert finds from Morocco, Lybia & Mauritania put more passion in the collection. I'm project manager for management solutions in industrial environment. I can say that meteorites help me to escape out of stress, out of usuals problems of my function. A big passion, as you read it!! :-)

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