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All of the specimens and photographs posted into the Encyclopedia under the name - NHMV are from the meteorite collection at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria. The source images are primarily photographs from Christian Anger - but some additional images are from other European sources - the photos were rendered, sized, and processed for inclusion in the EOM and MET-BULL catalogs by Russ Finney. Christian Anger's other images from the NHMV can be found listed in the MET-BULL under the name "Austromet".
MetBull IDImageImageClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
453 Albareto L/LL4Italy Fragment
2320 Apt L6France Fragment
4928 Bali CV3Central African Republic Fragment
5060 Bishunpur LL3.15India Part slice
5182 Butler Iron, ungroupedUnited States Part slice
5331 Chassigny Martian (chassignite)France Fragment
5397 Cold Bokkeveld CM2South Africa Individual
7757 Dyalpur UreiliteIndia Fragment
10938 Goalpara UreiliteIndia Fragment
11901 Homestead L5United States Individual
11916 Hraschina Iron, IIDCroatia Individual
12335 Knyahinya L/LL5Ukraine Individual
12335 Knyahinya L/LL5Ukraine Individual
12354 Kramer Creek L4United States Individual
12465 Lanzenkirchen L4Austria Individual
14757 Luponnas H3-5France Fragment
15426 Marjalahti Pallasite, PMGRussia Fragment
16628 Mezö-Madaras L3.7Romania Individual
16628 Mezö-Madaras L3.7Romania Part slice
16694 Mincy Mesosiderite-B4United States Slice
16700 Minnichhof OCAustria Slice
16843 Mühlau OCAustria Fragment
16898 Nakhla Martian (nakhlite)Egypt Individual
18883 Prambachkirchen L6Austria Individual
23111 Salles L5France Part slice
23586 Siena LL5Italy Individual
23776 Tabor H5Czech Republic Individual
24239 Wellman (c) H4United States Individual
24269 Willamette Iron, IIIABUnited States Part slice
30374 Youndegin Iron, IAB-MGAustralia Individual
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