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All of the specimens and photographs posted into the Encyclopedia under the name - MTCU are from the Monnig Collection of Meteorites at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. The specimens were photographed by Russ Finney.
MetBull IDImageImageClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
6 Abee EH4Canada Slice
2277 Allen H4United States Part slice
2278 Allende CV3Mexico Fragment
2332 Arispe Iron, ICMexico Individual
48954 Ash Creek L6United States Other
4942 Barbotan H5France Fragment
5005 Bells C2-ungUnited States Endcut
5045 Bilanga DiogeniteBurkina Faso Fragment
5088 Bluff (b) L4United States Slice
5136 Brenham Pallasite, PMG-anUnited States Part slice
5257 Canyon Diablo Iron, IAB-MGUnited States Individual
5377 Cleburne Iron, IVAUnited States Slice
5415 Comanche (stone) L5United States Endcut
5948 Dar al Gani 400 Lunar (anorth)Libya Slice
6024 Dar al Gani 476 Martian (shergottite)Libya Slice
6910 Dhofar 125 AcapulcoiteOman Slice
6917 Dhofar 132 UreiliteOman Slice
7714 D'Orbigny AngriteArgentina Fragment
7806 El Hammami H5Mauritania Fragment
10074 Farmington L5United States Fragment
10077 Faucett H5United States Part slice
10113 Floyd L4United States Part slice
10119 Forest City H5United States Fragment
10168 Fort Stockton IronUnited States Slice
10172 Four Corners Iron, IAB-ungUnited States Slice
10841 Fuzzy Creek Iron, IVAUnited States Endcut
10843 Gail H4United States Half stone
10854 Gao-Guenie H5Burkina Faso Individual
10862 Garnett H4United States Slice
10911 Ghubara L5Oman Individual
10935 Glorieta Mountain Pallasite, PMG-anUnited States Slice
11858 Haven H6United States Individual
11872 Henbury Iron, IIIABAustralia Individual
11922 Huckitta Pallasite, PMG-anAustralia Part slice
12225 Kaffir (c) L6United States Individual
12251 Kapoeta HowarditeSouth Sudan Slice
12275 Kendleton L4United States Endcut
12275 Kendleton L4United States Individual
12321 Kirbyville Eucrite-mmictUnited States Half stone
12350 Kossuth Iron, IVAUnited States Slice
12434 L'Aigle L6France Fragment
12755 Leedey L6United States Slice
14711 Lost City H5United States Part slice
15463 McKinney L4United States Endcut
16643 Millbillillie Eucrite-mmictAustralia Slice
16852 Mundrabilla Iron, IAB-ungAustralia Individual
16875 Murchison CM2Australia Fragment
17994 Ogi H6Japan Half stone
18081 Paloduro Iron, IIIEUnited States Half stone
18786 Peña Blanca Spring AubriteUnited States Fragment
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