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All of the specimens and photographs posted into the Encyclopedia under the name - USNM are from the Smithsonian: US National Museum meteorite collection (USNM) in Washington DC. The specimens were photographed by Russ Finney.
MetBull IDImageImageClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
604 Allan Hills 84001 Martian (OPX)Antarctica Individual
2323 Arapahoe L5United States Part slice
2329 Archie H6United States Individual
2332 Arispe Iron, ICMexico Slice
5059 Bishopville AubriteUnited States Individual
5064 Bjurböle L/LL4Finland Individual
5064 Bjurböle L/LL4Finland Fragment
5087 Bluff (a) L5United States Part slice
5165 Bununu HowarditeNigeria Half stone
5181 Bustee AubriteIndia Part slice
5257 Canyon Diablo Iron, IAB-MGUnited States Individual
5257 Canyon Diablo Iron, IAB-MGUnited States Individual
5395 Colby (Wisconsin) L6United States Half stone
5496 Cumberland Falls AubriteUnited States Half stone
7733 Drum Mountains Iron, IIIABUnited States Individual
7761 Eagle Station Pallasite, PESUnited States Slice
8052 Elephant Moraine 87501 MesosideriteAntarctica Half stone
8053 Elephant Moraine 87502 L6Antarctica Half stone
10039 Ensisheim LL6France  
10057 Estacado H6United States Part slice
10074 Farmington L5United States Part slice
10075 Farmville H4United States Individual
10947 Goose Lake Iron, IAB-sLLUnited States Individual
11210 Grosvenor Mountains 85201 Iron, IIIABAntarctica Individual
11872 Henbury Iron, IIIABAustralia Individual
12063 Ivuna CI1Tanzania Individual
12214 Juvinas Eucrite-mmictFrance Half stone
12412 Lafayette (stone) Martian (nakhlite)United States Individual
14705 Loreto Iron, IIIABMexico Individual
14711 Lost City H5United States Individual
15269 MacAlpine Hills 88105 Lunar (anorth)Antarctica Part slice
15455 Mbale L5/6Uganda Half stone
16628 Mezö-Madaras L3.7Romania Part slice
16882 Murray CM2United States Half stone
16898 Nakhla Martian (nakhlite)Egypt Half stone
16918 Naryilco LL6Australia Slice
16953 New Concord L6United States Individual
18007 Old Woman Iron, IIABUnited States Slice
18026 Orgueil CI1France Individual
18101 Paragould LL5United States Half stone
18103 Paranaiba L6Brazil Slice
18120 Patuxent Range 91501 L7Antarctica Individual
18269 Pecora Escarpment 82506 UreiliteAntarctica Half stone
18841 Plainview (1917) H5United States Slice
22766 Rose City H5United States Half stone
23522 Shallowater AubriteUnited States Endcut
23530 Shergotty Martian (shergottite)India Slice
23593 Sikhote-Alin Iron, IIABRussia Individual
23736 Success L6United States Half stone
23773 Sylacauga H4United States Slice
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