Country: United States
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:89400
Bibliography:- K. Marti and K. J. Mathew : "Near-earth asteroid origin for the Farmington meteorite", Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIII, 2002 - Rowe, M. W. : "Constraints on magnetic field which magnetized the Farmington meteorite parent body", Meteoritics, vol. 10, Mar. 30, 1975, p. 23-30, 03/1975 - Oberst, J. : "Possible relationship between the Farmington meteorite and a seismically detected swarm of meteoroids impacting the moon", Meteoritics, vol. 24, March 1989, p. 23-28, 03/1989 - Levin B.J., Simonenko A.N., Anders E. : "Farmington meteorite : A fragment of an Apollo asteroid", Icarus 28, 307-324, 1976
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Photo courtesy: Matteo Chinellato

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards

Photo courtesy: Peter Marmet
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