Country: Italy
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:10200
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 82 - Cevolani, G.; Serra, R.; Haver, R. : "A New Meteorite in Italy: the Fermo Chondrite", WGN, Journal of the International Meteor Organization, p. 89-93, 04/1997 - I. Kapisinsky, G. Cevolani, K. Izdinsky, Z. Pánek, M. Zemánková : "Supplement to the analyses of the Fermo meteorite", Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, Vol. 34/1, 2004 - S.V.S. Murty, N. Bhandari, G.Bonino and G.Cini Castagnoli : "Parent body irradiation records in the Fermo brecciated (H) chondrite", Lunar and Planetary Science XXXII , 2001 - Meteoritical Bulletin 82 - Stomeo Enrico : "Meteorite Fall in Italy. September 25, 1996, 15h30m UT", WGN, Journal of the IMO 24, 170-170, 1996
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Photo courtesy: Matteo Chinellato

Photo courtesy: unknown
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