Name:Glorieta Mountain
Country: United States
Fall: No
Class:Pallasite, PMG-an
TKW, g:148000
Bibliography:- G. Notkin : "Legend of Glorieta Mountain", Meteorite Magazine, vol. 7, n°1, february 2001 - G.F. Kunz : "Three Masses of Meteoric Iron from Glorieta Mountain, Near Canoncito, Santa Fe County, New Mexico", American Journal of Science, Vol. XXX, September, 1885 - C.W. Beck, L. La Paz, R.G. Stevenson : "The Glorieta Mountain, New Mexico, Siderite", Popular Astron. 59, 151-156, 1951
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Photo courtesy: Rock Falls Designs

Photo courtesy: Meteorites Australia

Photo courtesy: Mike Farmer

Photo courtesy: Arizonaskies

Photo courtesy: Ruben Garcia
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