Country: South Sudan
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:11355
Bibliography:- L. L. Kashkarov, N. N. Korotkova, G. V. Kalinina, A. I. Ivliev : "DIFFERENT RADIATION THERMAL HISTORY OF THE EREVAN AND KAPOETA HOWARDITE MATTERS AT THE REGOLITH STAGE", Lunar and Planetary Science XXX, 1999 - M. W. Caffee, K. Nishiizumi, and J. Mazarik : "Exposure history of separated phases from the Kapoeta meteorite.", Lunar and Planetary Science XXXI, 2000 - O. Richard Norton : "Kapoeta - A Howardite Extraordinaire", Meteorite Magazine, 05/2001 - Murty, S. V. S. : "Cosmogenic Nitrogen in Kapoeta: an Attempt to Isolate Solar Cosmic Ray Produced Component”, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, volume 21, page 829, 1990
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Photo courtesy: Photograph by Geoffrey Notkin © Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards
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