Country: Lesotho
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:45300
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 87 - W. U. Reimold, P.C. Buchanan, D. Ambrose and C. Koeberl : "The H4/5 Thuathe meteorite fall of 21 July 2002, Lesotho : history of the fall, strewnfield determination and mineralogical and geochemical characterization" - A. Lombard, "The Thuathe meteorite of 21 July 2002", Department of Geology, University of the Free State - A. Lombarda, H. de Bruiyna, N. Scholtza, H.E. Praekelta, A.H. Wilsonb and A.E. Schocha : "The Thuathe meteorite fall of 21 July 2002", South African Journal of Science - Ambrose et al : "The Thuate meteorite of 21 July 2002, Lesotho", South African Journal of Science 99, March/April 2003, p153
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Photo courtesy: Mike Farmer

Photo courtesy: Mark Bostick

Photo courtesy: Island Meteorites

Photo courtesy: Thuathe strewnfield
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