Name:Wolf Creek
Country: Australia
Fall: No
Class:Iron, IIIAB
TKW, g:760000
Bibliography:- Plotkin, H. : "The Australian Meteorite Expedition of 1963: Edward P. Henderson's Unpublished Recollections.", Meteorite, Vol. 5, p. 16-20, 1999 - Fudali, R. F. : "Wolf Creek Crater Revisited", JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY, vol. 95, 134-135, 1987 - Taylor, S. R. : "The Wolf Creek Iron Meteorite", Meteorite Craters, Benchmark Papers in Geology. Volume 36. Edited by G.J.H. MacCall. Stroudsburg, PA: Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross, Inc, 1977., p.232 - Lapaz, L. : "Meteoritic Material from the Wolf Creek, Western Australia, Crater (CN=1278,192)", Meteoritics, volume 1, number 2, page 200, 1954
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Photo courtesy: Heavenly Bodies

Photo courtesy: Gi-po Meteorites
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