Country: United States
Fall: No
Class:Pallasite, PMG
TKW, g:180000
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 37 - Buddhue, John Davis, "Inclusions in an Admire, Kansas, Pallasite", Popular Astronomy, Vol. 48, p.560, 12/1940 - Massalski, T. B.; Park, F. R., "A study of four pallasites using metallographic, microhardness and microprobe techniques", Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 28, Issue 7, pp.1165-1166, 07/1964 - Nichiporuk, Walter, "Former location of the Admire and Springwater pallasites", Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 4, Issue 6, p. 433-435, 08/1968 - Matsui, T.; Karato, S.-I.; Yokokura, T., "Stress histories retained in olivines from pallasite meteorites", Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 11th, Houston, TX, March 17-21, 1980, Proceedings. Volume 2 - Danielson, L. R.; Humayun, M.; Righter, K., "Highly Siderophile Elements in the Admire, Imilac, and Springwater Pallasites", Meteoritics & Planetary Science, Vol. 40, Supplement, Proceedings of 68th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, held September 12-16, 2005 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee., p.5276
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Photo courtesy: Mark Bostick

Photo courtesy: Fernlea Meteorites

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards
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