Country: Australia
Fall: No
TKW, g:200000
Bibliography:- Wagner, J. K.; Cohen, A. J.; Hapke, B. W.; Partlow, W. D., "Vacuum ultraviolet reflectance spectra of groups L, LL, and E chondrites and of achondrites", Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 11th, Houston, TX, March 17-21, 1980, Proceedings. Volume 1, 1980 - Kallemeyn, G. W.; Wasson, J. T., "Compositional-Petrographic Study of Ordinary Chondrites", LUNAR AND PLANETARY SCIENCE XV, P. 425-426, 03/1984 - Wang, D.; Kallemeyn, W. G.; Wasson, T. J., "Chemical composition of 19 L and LL chondrites and its application to taxonomy.", Antarctic Meteorites X. Papers presented to the 10th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites, NIPR, Tokyo, 25-27 March 1985, p. 15-16 - Wang, D.; Hou, W., "The key mineralogical taxonomic parameters in equilibrated ordinary chondrites.", Antarctic Meteorites XIII. Papers presented to the 13th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites, NIPR, Tokyo, 7-9 June 1988, p. 158-159 - Noguchi, T.; Fujino, K.; Momoi, H., "A transmission electron microscope study of exolution lamellae of pyroxenes in ordinary chondrites.", Antarctic Meteorites XVII. Papers presented to the 17th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites, NIPR, Tokyo, August 19-21, 1992, p. 244-246 - Alexeev, V. A.; Kuyunko, N. S., "Porosity of Chondrites: Some Regularities", Lunar and Planetary Science, volume 27, page 9, 03/1996
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Photo courtesy: Fernlea Meteorites

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards
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