Country: United Kingdom
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:44000
Bibliography:- Sears, D. W.; Mills, A. A. : "Planetary science-Ablation of Barwell meteorite", Nature Physical Science, Vol. 242, p.25, 03/1973 - F. begemann, R. Rieder, E. Vilcsek and H. Wanke : "Cosmic-ray producted radionuclides in the Barwell and Saint-Severin meteorites", Meteorite Research, 267-274, 1969 - Kirschbaum, C. : "Iodine-Xenon and 40Ar-39Ar Dating of an Unusual Inclusion from the Barwell Meteorite", Abstracts and Program for the 49th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 1986 - Hutchison R.;Williams, C. T.;Din, V. K.;Clayton, R. N.;Kirschbaum, C.;Paul, R. L.;Lipschutz, M. E. : " Planetary, H-Group Pebble in the Barwell, L6, Unshocked Chondritic Meteorite", Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 1988 - Hutchison R.;Williams, C. T.;Din, V. K.;Paul, R. L.;Lipschutz, M. E. : "An Achondritic Troctolite Clast in the Barwell, L5-6, Chondrite", Meteoritics nr 21, 1986 - P. Lancaster Brown : "Fragments of the Barwell Meteorite", J. British Astron. Assoc. 76, 331-335, 1966 - C.L. Lyons : "Barwell Meteorite", J. British Astron. Assoc. 77, 60-61, 1967 - H. Miles : "The Barwell meteorite and associated fireballs", J. British Astron. Assoc. 77, 177-195, 1967
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Photo courtesy: Heavenly Bodies

Photo courtesy: Shinishi Kato
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