Name:Belle Plaine
Country: United States
Fall: No
TKW, g:78800
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 30 - Gillerman, E.; Hill, W. E., "The Belle Plaine III Meteorite", Meteoritics, volume 3, number 3, page 147, 1967 - Huth, Mohanna; Begemann, F., "Investigations of Matrix and an Inclusion of the Belle Plaine Meteorite", Meteoritics, Vol. 18, p.318, 12/1983 - Reimold, W. U.; Huth, J.; Merkle, H.; Willner, G., "Shock and Thermal Metamorphism in Two Lithologies from the Belle Plaine l6 Chondrite", LUNAR AND PLANETARY SCIENCE XVI, PP. 693-694, 03/1985
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Photo courtesy: Mark Bostick

Photo courtesy: ELKK Meteorites

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards

Photo courtesy: Kansas Meteorites Society
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