Name:Chiang Khan
Country: Thailand
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:367
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 60 - Meteoritics 17 - Loeken, T.; Scherer, P.; Weber, H. W.; Schultz, L. : "Noble Gases in Several New Chondrite Falls and Finds", Meteoritics, vol. 27, no. 3, volume 27, page 251, 07/1992 - Nayak, K. V. : "The Chiang Khan meteorite shower, Loei province, Thailand", Antarctic Meteorites XV. Papers presented to the 15th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites, NIPR, Tokyo, May 30 - June 1, 1990, p. 204-205 - Yagi, Kenzo; Kimura, Makoto; Kuroda, Yoshimasu; Momose, Kan-Ichi : "Petrology and Magnetic Properties of Chiang Khan, Thailand, Meteorite", Meteoritics, Vol. 22, p.536, 12/1987
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Photo courtesy: Matt Morgan

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards
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