Country: Russia
Fall: No
Class:Iron, ungrouped
TKW, g:209400
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 13 - V.I. Grokhovsky, O.B. Milder, V.A. Semionkin, A.I. Pikulev, E.A. Kozlov. : "MÖSSBAUER SPECTROSCOPY OF THE CHINGA METEORITE LOADING IN SPHERICAL WAVES.", 64th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 2001 - V. I. Grokhovsky, A. I. Pikulev, V. A. Semionkin and O. B. Milder : "MÖSSBAUER SPECTROSCOPY OF THE CHINGA METEORITE.", 63rd Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 2000 - Bartoschewitz, R.; Ackermand, D. : "Tridymite from Chinga Meteorite", Meteoritics & Planetary Science, vol. 36, Supplement, p.A14, 09/2001
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Photo courtesy: Mark Bostick

Photo courtesy: Matteo Chinellato

Photo courtesy: Woreczko Jan and Wadi

Photo courtesy: Matteo Chinellato
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