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All of the specimens and photographs posted into the Encyclopedia under the name - MFNB are from the Museum für Naturkunde (MFN) in Berlin, Germany. The specimens were photographed by Russ Finney.
MetBull IDImageImageClassCountryWeight / SizeShape
5062 Bitburg Iron, IAB complexGermany Fragment
5135 Bremervörde H/L3.9Germany Part slice
5247 Campo del Cielo Iron, IAB-MGArgentina Individual
6665 Dermbach Iron, ungroupedGermany Slice
10049 Erxleben H6Germany Part slice
10912 Gibeon Iron, IVANamibia Individual
11466 Gütersloh H3/4Germany Individual
11473 Hainholz Mesosiderite-A4Germany Part slice
11901 Homestead L5United States Individual
34493 Königsbrück H/L4Germany Part slice
15485 Menow H4Germany Half stone
16971 Nieder Finow Iron, IAB complexGermany Half stone
18026 Orgueil CI1France Fragment
22386 Ramsdorf L6Germany Half stone
23114 Salzwedel LL5Germany Half stone
23603 Simmern H5Germany Half stone
24042 Trebbin LL6Germany Fragment
24050 Treysa Iron, IIIAB-anGermany Part slice
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