Country: United States
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:320000
Bibliography:- W.R. Kempton, "The Estherville meteorite", Meteorite Magazine, february 1995 - Ganguly, J.; Yang, H.; Ghose, S. : "Cation Ordering in Orthopyroxene in Estherville Meteorite: Implications for Cooling Rate and Origin of Mesoiderite", Abstracts of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, volume 22, page 425, 1991 - S. Mehta, P. M. Novotny, D. B. Williams & J. I. Goldstein : "Electron–optical observations of ordered FeNi in the Estherville meteorite", Nature, vol. 284, No 5752, 13 march 1980 - Albrecht, A.; Schnabel, C.; Vogt, S.; Xue, S.; Herzog, G. F.; Begemann, F.; Weber, H. W.; Middleton, R.; Fink, D.; Klein, J., "Light noble gases and cosmogenic radionuclides in Estherville, Budulan and other mesosiderites: Implications for exposure histories and production rates", Meteoritics & Planetary Science, vol. 35, no. 5, pp. 975-986, 09/2000
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Photo courtesy: Meteorite Market

Photo courtesy: Matteo Chinellato

Photo courtesy: Photograph by Geoffrey Notkin © Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery

Photo courtesy: Don Edwards
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