Name:Gold Basin
Country: United States
Fall: No
TKW, g:61000
Bibliography:- Meteoritical Bulletin 82 - David A. Kring, A.J. Timothy Jull, Lanny R. McHargue, P.A. Bland, Dolores H. Hill, and F.J. Berry : "Gold Basin Meteorite Strewn Field, Mojave Desert, Northwestern Arizona: Relict of a Small Late Pleistocene Impact Event", Meteoritics & Planetary Science 36, 2001 - D. A. Kring, A.J.T. Jull, L.R. McHargue, D.H. Hill, S. Cloudt and S. Klandrud : "GOLD BASIN METEORITE STREWN FIELD: THE “FOSSIL” REMNANTS OF AN ASTEROID THAT CATASTROPHICALLY FRAGMENTED IN EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE", Lunar and Planetary Science XXIX - R. S. Verish : "GOLD BASIN: OVERLAPPING STREWN FIELDS OR HETEROGENEOUS METEOROID ?", 64th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 2001
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Photo courtesy: Pierre-Marie Pelé

Photo courtesy: Southwest Meteorite Lab

Photo courtesy: unknown
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