Country: Czech Republic
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:28000
Bibliography:- G. Kurat : "Formation of chondrules, chondrites and some observations on chondrules from Tieschitz meteorite", 1969 - G. Kurat : "Zur Genese des kohligen Materials im Meteoriten von Tieschitz", Earth Planet. Sci. Letts. 7, 317-324, 1970 - G. Kurat : "Die chemische Zusammensetzung von Gläsern und Chondrenmatrizes im Chondriten von Tieschitz", Chemie d. Erde 30, 235-249, 1971 - M. I. Smoliar, M. F. Horan, C. M. O'D. Alexander and R. J. Walker : "Re-Os systematics and HSE distribution in Tieschitz (H3.6) : Two isochrons for one meteorite", Lunar and Planetary Science XXXV, 2004 - R. Hutchison : "On the origin of Tieschitz", 61st Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 1998 - Wlotzka, F. : "Composition of chondrules, fragments and matrix in the unequilibrated ordinary chondrites tieschitz and sharps", IN: Chondrules and their origin's (A85-26528 11-91). Houston, TX, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1983, p. 296-318. Research supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 1983 - Nagamoto, H., Y. Nishikawa, K. Misawa, and N. Nakamura : "REE, Ba, Sr, Rb and K characteristics of chondrules from the Tieschutz (H3) chondrite", Lunar & Planetary Sciences, XVII, pp. 696-697, 1987 - Noda, S., Nagamoto, H., Nishikawa, Y., Misawa, K. and Nakamura, N. : "Chondrule cores and rims from the Tieschitz (H3.6) chondrite", Lunar & Planetary Sciences, XVII, pp. 868-869, 1987 - N. Krestina, E. Jagoutz and G. Kurat : "Neodymium isotope composition in single chondrules from the Tieschitz (H3) chondrite (abstract)", Meteoritics 30, 530, 1995 - N. Krestina, E. Jagoutz and G. Kurat : "Sm-Nd system in single chondrules from Tieschitz (H3) (abstract)", Lunar Planet. Sci. XXVII, 701-702, 1996 - N. Krestina, E. Jagoutz and G. Kurat : "Sm-Nd system in single chondrules from Tieschitz and Bjurböle chondrites (abstract)", Ann. Geophys. 14, Suppl. III, C 835, 1996 - A. Engler, G. Kurat and P. J. Sylvester : "Trace element abundances in micro-objects from Tieschitz (H3.6), Krymka (LL3.1), Bishunpur (LL3.1) and Mezö-Madaras (L3.7)", Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXIV, 2003 - - Töpel-Schadt J., Müller W.F. : "The submicroscopic structure of the unequilibrated ordinary chondrites Chainpur, Mezö-Madaras and Tieschitz: a transmission electron microscopie study.", Earth Planet. Sci.Lett. 74, 1-12, 1985
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