Country: Italy
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:15000
Bibliography:- K. Tomeoka and I. Tanimura : "PHYLLOSILICATE-RICH CHONDRULE RIMS AND CLASTS IN THE VIGARANO CV3 CHONDRITE:EVIDENCE FOR PARENT-BODY PROCESSES", 63rd Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 2000 - MiwaYoshitake, Yoshiyuki Koide and Hisayoshi Yurimoto : "DISTRIBUTIONS OF O ISOTOPES IN A TYPE B2 CAI FROM THE VIGARANO METEORITE", 64th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 2001 - Loss R.D.,Lugmair G.W.,Davis A.M., MacPherson G.J. : "Isotopic. Distinct Reservoirs in the Solar Nebula: Isotope Anomalies in Vigarano Meteorite Inclusions", Astrophys. J. 436, 193-0, 1994 - Varela M. E., N. METRICH, M. BONNIN-MOSBAH and G. Kurat : "Carbon and nitrogen contents of glass inclusions in olivine from the Vigarano, Kaba, Bali and Allende CV3 chondrites (abstract)", Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXI, 2000
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Photo courtesy: Martin Horejsi
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