Country: Russia
Fall: Yes
TKW, g:1342
Bibliography:- A. B. Verchovsky, A.V. Fisenko, L. F. Semjonova I.P Wright and C. T. Pillinger : "PRESOLAR DIAMONDS FROM EFREMOVKA & BORISKINO: C, N AND NOBLE GAS ISOTOPES IN GRAIN SIZE FRACTIONS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR THE ORIGIN OF DIAMONDS.", Lunar and Planetary Science XXX - . V. Fisenko, A. B. Verchovsky, L. F. Semenova, and K. T. Pillinger : "Noble Gases in the Grain-Size Fractions of Presolar Diamond from the Boriskino CM2 Meteorite", Geochemistry International, V 42, N 8, August 2004 - BOCTOR, N. Z., J. WANG, C.M.O.D. ALEXANDER, E. HAURI, G. Kurat, AND M.A. Nazarov : "Sulfur isotope signatures of sulfides from Bo(r)iskino CM chondrite", Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68(11), A763, 2004 - Nazarov, M. A., F. Brandstätter and G. Kurat : "Phosphorian sulfides from Banten and Boriskino CM chondrites (abstract)", Lunar Planet. Sci. XXX, 1999 - BOCTOR, N. Z., G. Kurat, C. M. O. D. ALEXANDER and C. T. PREWITT : "Sulfide mineral assemblages in Boriskino CM chondrite (abstract)", Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXIII, 2002
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Photo courtesy: Sergey Vasiliev - SV-meteorites
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